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Australia’s plain packaging of tobacco products is working
25 March, 2015

World-first research findings evaluating the introduction of the plain packaging of tobacco products in Australia have been released in a special Plain Packaging supplement of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) timed to coincide with the 16th World Conference on Tobacco or Health.


The special edition of BMJ has fourteen peer reviewed articles, many based on the long running Plain Packaging survey undertaken by the Social Research Centre on behalf of the Cancer Council Victoria.

Key findings of the evaluation include:

  • Plain packaging has delivered on its aim to reduce appeal of packs, particularly with adolescents and young adults
  • There was no evidence of an increase in the consumption of illicit "cheap white" cigarettes
  • The impact of plain packaging extends beyond expectation with studies suggesting the initiative encourages thinking about quitting and quit attempts

The comprehensive Survey Methods Report, co-authored by members of the Social Research Centre team, can be accessed via the BMJ website.

Congratulations to our colleagues at the Cancer Council Victoria for their ground-breaking research and to all our staff who contributed to the success of this project

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