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ANU Poll on national identity released
30 April, 2015

Timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary commemoration of Anzac Day, this 18th ANU Poll, conducted by the Social Research Centre, takes a timely look at national identity and what it means to be Australian.

Key findings from the poll include:
  • 92 per cent are very proud or somewhat proud of being Australian;
  • 92 per cent believe the ability to speak English is important to being Australian;
  • Australians are overwhelmingly proud of sporting and scientific achievements (90 per cent for each), its armed forces (88 per cent), and achievements in arts and literature (86 per cent) and less proud of its political influence in the world and its fair and equal treatment of all groups in society (both 67 per cent);
  • 86 per cent believe immigrants improve Australian society and cultures, 83 per cent believe immigrants are good for the economy while 31 per cent  are of the view that Australia's culture is generally undermined by immigrants, and
  • 26 per cent nominated the economy and jobs as the most important political issues facing Australia. 
The full report is available HERE.
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