Did you receive a call from 03 83834900, 03 83276000, 02 57761202, 02 40389010 or 02 57761201?

If you received a call from 03 8383 4900, 03 8327 6000 02 5776 1202, 02 4038 9010 or 02 5776 1201 this was the Social Research Centre calling to invite you to participate in a study we are currently conducting on behalf of one of our clients.

The call is for social research purposes and is not a telemarketing or sales call.

Did you receive a text message from 0427016615 or 0481071118?

If you received a text message from 0427 016 615 or 0481 071 118 this was the Social Research Centre inviting you to participate in a study we are currently conducting on behalf of one of our clients.

The is for social research purposes and is not a telemarketing or sales call.

How did you get my number?

The phone numbers we dial are either:

  • Randomly selected from the White Pages telephone directory, or
  • Randomly generated by computer, using telephone exchange prefixes that are present in the White Pages, or
  • Provided to us by our clients.
Is the information I provide confidential?

Yes, absolutely. Our company is bound by the Market and Social Research Privacy Principles (www.amsro.com.au), which govern how we collect, use, keep secure and disclose personal information. We also abide by the principles of the Australian Market and Social Research Society of Australia's Code of Professional Behaviour (www.amsrs.com.au).

Will I be re-contacted as a result of participating in a survey?

Possibly, but only in the following circumstances:

  • If one of our supervisors calls to confirm the authenticity of the survey by re-asking a couple of questions (that is, the supervisor checks that the interviewer did their job properly)
  • Where you explicitly give your permission to be re-contacted for follow-up research or future surveys
Do my details go on to a database as a result of participating in one of your surveys?

No. We only contact people for research purposes. The information we collect from you will never be used to contact you for a telemarketing type call, a follow up sales call, nor a call for donations.

What will be done with the information I have provided?

The information you provide is used for only for research purposes and helps inform the decision making process of our clients. The information you provide is merged with that of other survey participants to form an aggregated view of perceptions, opinions and issues.

Why do you collect personal information about me?

We collect information such as age and household composition as these are used to “categorise” survey participants for analysis and interpretation of the information collected.

We are not concerned with the identity of the person who provided the data, but are looking for patterns across population groups (defined by age, gender, household type, etc).

Why is it important that I participate?

Whilst participation is always voluntary, it is important that you participate to ensure representativeness and that the results can be projected to the population.

Why don't you leave a message?

Sometimes we don't leave a message when we call to protect your privacy. If the survey contains sensitive questions about personal issues we would prefer to speak with you rather than leave a message anyone in your household could hear.

I don't want to participate. What should I do?

Please call 1800 023 040 and leave your full telephone number (including the area code) to be removed from our call list. We will do our best to remove your number in 24 hours during the week and in 48 hours on the weekend.

If you would prefer to contact us via email about not participating, please use the following email address: privacy@srcentre.com.au

Who do I contact about my prize or incentive?
If you did not receive your prize/incentive or have a complaint in regards to your prize/incentive, you can contact us through our website, via email info@srcentre.com.au or telephone 1800 023 040.
Have you been invited to be a survey participant?