Incentive Statement

As a sign of appreciation for participation in our research, a range of incentives are sometimes offered.  The type of incentive offered is chosen by our clients, in consultation with the Social Research Centre.

The Social Research Centre uses two strategies for providing incentives:

  1. Per person incentive – each person participating in the research receives an incentive; or
  2. Incentive prize draw – each person participating in the research has their name entered into a prize draw.

The specific types of incentives typically used are cash/cash card/cheque, gift card, (normally from a leading retailer), movie voucher or a specific gift.

Where a prize draw is conducted the necessary lottery permits from the relevant States and Territories are acquired prior to the beginning of the research project. Consistent with lottery permit requirements, the winners of a prize draw are published in a national newspaper and the Terms and Conditions of such draws are found on our website under the specific project.

How are incentives/prize draws paid?

Incentives for face-to-face qualitative research (e.g. focus groups or in-depth interviews) are generally provided to respondents at the conclusion of the focus group or interview.

Incentives for survey research and online qualitative research are typically e/mailed to eligible participants. In instances where the Social Research Centre does not have current address details, attempts are made to contact eligible participants to confirm such details before e/mailing the incentive.

Dispute resolution

Fair and equitable treatment of all respondents is important to the Social Research Centre and our incentive process strives to achieve this.

Channels provided to research participants to make queries about outstanding incentives or other concerns or disputes relating to our incentive statement, include our website (Contact-us) email ( or telephone 1800 023 040 number).

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