Reconciliation Action Plan

The Social Research Centre has developed the first stage Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in partnership with Reconciliation Australia, our approved Reflect RAP can be viewed HERE.

We are a socially conscious organisation that undertakes research contributing to discourse about important subjects in our society such as; education, welfare reform and health and wellbeing issues. By committing to develop and implement a RAP we will be able to better contribute to an important space regarding the current inequalities that still exist between Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous Australians. As a leader and innovator of social research in Australia, we believe we hold a uniqueness in our business and core values that will allow us to become an ally to Indigenous Australians on their path to reconciliation.

The front cover artwork was created by Melbourne based Gunnai and Waradjurie artist, Robert Michael Young. Robert’s vision represents Melbourne and the culture that overlays it; the significance and the beauty that surrounds you that you may not see it until you have a cultural lens.