Statement from the Social Research Centre on Australia’s bushfire emergency

We are deeply saddened at the huge and ongoing losses being experienced during the current fire season. At times like these, we see the best in the human spirit and the resilience of our communities as we come together to help those affected.

The unprecedented scale and devastation will be felt for years to come. As shown in Beyond Bushfires, a long-term study about recovery from the Victorian Black Saturday fires that we conducted with Melbourne University, close friends and family, social networks and community groups were important influences on resilience and recovery. We must remember to connect with our communities and, after the smoke clears, to support the affected communities so that they can heal.

There are many ways to donate to the current appeals, including:

If you have been affected by the fires, the following sites have important emergency information and relief and recovery details:

  1. ACT
  2. NSW
  3. Queensland
  4. Northern Territory
  5. South Australia
  6. Tasmania
  7. Victoria
  8. Western Australia