2022 Graduate Teacher Survey

Client: Department of Education and Training

Welcome to the 2022 Graduate Teacher Survey. The survey will provide evidence for the ongoing state-wide improvements to teacher education and support for early career teachers and mentors. It captures feedback on teacher preparedness for the classroom, elements of teacher education and school-based processes to support teacher development for early career teachers. First year graduate teachers (including casual relief teachers), mentor teachers and school leaders are being invited to participate in the survey. Please click your relevant link below to start the survey.

If you are a Provisionally Registered Teacher who graduated in 2021 click here:

If you are a current Teacher Mentor click here:

If you are a current School Leader, click here:

If you would like assistant or further information, please contact GTS@srcentre.com.au

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The Department of Education and Training wants to better understand experiences of recent graduates of a certified teaching course, teacher mentors and school leaders to help improve initial teacher education. This research will also go to understanding the challenges first year teachers face and how best to support new teachers as they enter the profession. The Department has commissioned the Social Research Centre (SRC) to conduct this project. As well as an overall system report, findings will be made available to Victorian Universities and colleges to inform them of the experiences of their graduates and the schools in which their graduates work.

The Social Research Centre is a research company based in Melbourne and owned by the Australian National University. They specialise in social research and have been operating for over 10 years. The SRC has conducted hundreds of research projects with members of the public on topics that affect people’s lives, including education, wellbeing, employment and welfare. More information about SRC can be found on their website, www.srcentre.com.au, or you can contact them on 1800 023 040.

Your personal contact details have NOT been shared with the Department or the Social Research Centre. The Victorian Institute of Teaching and education stakeholders are facilitating this research by sending the survey invitations on behalf of the Department and the Social Research Centre.

All Victorian teachers who graduated at the conclusion of 2021 have been invited to take part in this important research, as have current teacher mentors and State, Independent and Catholic sector school leaders.

Your personal information is protected by the Privacy Act 1988.

For this research, only the information you provide in the survey will be used. No other information will be linked to your responses. You may refuse any question you would prefer not to answer. Only the Department and Social Research Centre (SRC) will have access to individual survey responses All information that you provide in the research is confidential and used for evaluation and research purposes only. All individual information will not be identifiable in any reports. The Department and SRC are also bound by the Social Security Act 1991, the Privacy Act 1988 and Australian Government policies to ensure your privacy is protected.

Participation is voluntary, so you do not have to participate if you do not want to. Your school/the Department will not know if you have participated.

All that is required is answering some questions about your experiences and opinions via an online survey. You may receive a reminder email if you have not responded to the invitation before the closing date.

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