Evaluation of Work for the Dole

Client: Department of Employment

The Work for the Dole 2014-15 pilot program was run in 18 priority employment areas for 18-29 year olds, and was extended to all age groups in all areas in July 2015. The Social Research Centre was commissioned by the Department of Employment to evaluate the 2014-15 program, which was targeted towards unemployed job seekers (12 months or more) aged between 18 and 29 years who were assigned to ‘work experience placements for up to 15 hours a week for a period of 6 months.

The evaluation involved qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. The qualitative component involved conducting research with providers, host organisations, Work for the Dole Co-ordinators and state officers, as well as follow-up in-depth phone interviews with job seekers who were eligible for the Work for the Dole program.

Disclaimer: The research we conduct is on behalf of our clients and we are unable to independently release results without their permission.

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