Member Survey

Client: Breast Cancer Network Australia

The online survey of BCNA members built upon previous member research conducted in 2007, 2010, and 2013. The overall aim of the project was to increase BCNA’s knowledge of the needs and outcomes of people with breast cancer, to provide comparison to previous research, and to inform the development of the BCNA State of the Nation Report.

The research was conducted in two phases: main survey data collection (via direct email and SMS invitation and an open link on the BCNA website), and extended data collection (via an open link on the BCNA website). A total of 10,318 responses were received to the survey, representing a substantial increase in response compared to previous research. This provided the analytical power to undertake detailed subgroup analysis in minority groups such as people with metastatic breast cancer. Results were used by BCNA to improve services and support for people affected by breast cancer.

Disclaimer: Research we conduct is on behalf of our clients and we are unable to independently release results without their permission.