Items collected as part of the data collection – Dedicated / Standalone Preschools only

2021 Early Childhood Education and Care

National Workforce Census

Section A - Service

A6. Number of contact staff have left this service in the past 12 months?

A7. Does this service have a Reconciliation Action Plan?

Section C – Kindergarten, preschool, or early childhood education programs

C1. During the reference week, did any of the workers in this service, including yourself, deliver or assist in delivering an in-house kindergarten/preschool/early childhood education program?

C1a. During the reference week, how many hours of program were delivered in-house in this service?

C1b. How is the program delivered in this service?

C2. During the reference week, was this program delivered based on a specific curriculum or framework? (Early Years Learning Framework / State-Territory / other curriculum or framework)

C3. During the reference week, was the in-house kindergarten program delivered by a teacher with university qualifications in a relevant early childhood education and care field?

C4. For each of the following age groups (3 to less than 4, 4 to less than 5, 5 to less than 6, 6 or older):

  • C4a Number of children enrolled in program
  • C4b Number of children attended
  • C4c Enrolled and require assistance due to long term health condition

Section D – Details required for each individual worker: staff member, educator, and contractor


D2a. Age

D2b. Gender

D2c. Indigenous status

D3. Paid/unpaid

D3a. Wage compared to award rate (if known)

D3b. Weekly wage range (if known)

D4. Type of work (primary contact, other contact, management, other work)

D4a/D5. All roles and main role performed

D6. Hours spent delivering kindergarten/preschool/early childhood education program

D9. Hours worked during reference week


D13. Field of qualification

D14. Highest level of qualification (Post graduate degree, Bachelor degree, Certificate III, etc.)

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