Items collected as part of the data collection

2021 Early Childhood Education and Care

National Workforce Census

Section A - Service

A1. Number of places is this service licensed to provide at any one time (not asked for Family Day Care services)

A2. Maximum number of children to whom care is offered at any one time (not asked for Family Day Care services)

A2a. How does the number of children specified in A2 typically break down by the following age groups? (not asked for Family Day Care services)

0 to 24 Months / 25 to 36 Months / 3 to 5 years / 6 years or older

A3a. During a typical day, please record the number of children offered care by the following age groups? (not asked for Family Day Care services)

0 to 24 Months / 25 to 36 Months / 3 to 5 years / 6 years or older

A4. Did this service have approval(s), exemption(s), or other form(s) of formal permission that enabled a position to be occupied by a worker without holding the required early childhood education and care qualification(s)?

A4i. How many positions had an approval/exemption/other form of formal position? A4a. Did any of these positions require early childhood teaching qualifications?

A5. Number of contact staff employed who are studying for main educator qualification?

A6. Number of contact staff have left this service in the past 12 months?

A7. Does this service have a Reconciliation Action Plan?

Section B – Child details

For each of the following age groups: 0 to less than 1 year, 1 to 2 years, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 5, 5 to 6, 6 to 7, 7 to 8, 8 to 9, 9 to 10, 10 to 11, 11 to 12, 12 or older

Please provide the total number of children who attended this service during the reference week, at any time of day, who…

B1. Attended during the reference week

B2. Identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Origin

B3. Speak a language other than English at home

B4. Are from a refugee or special humanitarian background (if known)

B5. Required additional assistance that is related to an underlying long-term health condition or disability in each of the following areas

  • Total number of children needing assistance
  • Learning and applying knowledge
  • Communication
  • Mobility
  • Self-care
  • Inter-personal interactions and relationships
  • Other

Section C – Kindergarten, preschool, or early childhood education programs (not asked for Family Day Care or Outside Hours School Care services)

C1. During the reference week, did any of the workers in this service, including yourself, deliver or assist in delivering an in-house kindergarten/preschool/early childhood education program?

C1a. During the reference week, how many hours of program were delivered in-house in this service?

C1b. How is the program delivered in this service?

C2. During the reference week, was this program delivered based on a specific curriculum or framework? (Early Years Learning Framework / State-Territory / other curriculum or framework)

C3. During the reference week, was the in-house kindergarten program delivered by a teacher with university qualifications in a relevant early childhood education and care field?

C4. For each of the following age groups (3 to less than 4, 4 to less than 5, 5 to less than 6, 6 or older):

  • C4a Number of children enrolled in program
  • C4b Number of children attended
  • C4c Enrolled and require assistance due to long term health condition

Section D – Details required for each individual worker: staff member, educator, and contractor


D2a. Age

D2b. Gender

D2c. Indigenous status

D3. Paid/unpaid

D3a. Wage compared to award rate (if known)

D3b. Weekly wage range (if known)

D4. Type of work (primary contact, other contact, management, other work)

D4a/D5. All roles and main role performed

D6. Hours spent delivering kindergarten/preschool/early childhood education program

D7. Employment status (employee, employee of govt. body, employee of agency, employee of another organisation, owner manager/self-employed, volunteer or unpaid, not stated)

D8. Employment arrangements (permanent full time, permanent part time, fixed term, casual full time, casual part time, not an employee)

D9. Hours worked during reference week

D10. Number of years experience in the early childhood education and care sector

D11. Number of years experience worker has with this service

D12. Number of years employed as CONTACT worker with this service


D13. Field of qualification

D14. Highest level of qualification (Post graduate degree, Bachelor degree, Certificate III, etc.)

D15. Currently enrolled Is this worker currently enrolled and studying for a qualification in an early childhood education and care related field?

If YES: D16. Which field? (Teaching, childcare, other, unknown)

D17. What is the current enrolled level of qualification? (Bachelor, Advanced diploma, Certificate IV, etc.)

D18. Areas of personal development undertaken in last 12 months (formal training only)

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