2021 National Workforce Census - Overview

Phase Steps Timeline
  1. Go to www.srcentre.com.au/our-research/nationalworkforcecensus click ‘Login’ then enter your Login Code shown on the front of this letter
  2. Update / enter your service/s’ details
  3. Enter contact details for the key contact person
  4. Indicate the number of workers at each service

Prompt completion of registration is greatly appreciated!

Register before:

  • All Vacation services:
    March 26
  • All other services:
    April 23
  1. The Key contact person will receive an email summarising the questions to be asked in the National Workforce Census
  2. Preview the questions to understand what information will be required to complete the National Workforce Census
  3. Determine how information required to complete the National Workforce Census will be sourced
  4. Communicate the Privacy Notice to all workers (see included Privacy Notice or available at www.srcentre.com.au/our-research/nationalworkforcecensus/privacynotice)
One week before Reference Week

Complete the 2021 National Workforce Census

The National Workforce Census will be asking details about each service relating to a seven day period or ‘reference week’. The reference week for this service is:

  • All Vacation services
    Reference week: Monday April 12th to Sunday April 18th
  • All other services
    Reference week: Monday May 10th to Sunday May 16th

You will receive instructions for completing the data collection online via email immediately after the reference week.

Data and personal information that is collected is confidential and will only be released in a way that does not enable individual services or people to be identified.

Services that submit their National Workforce Census by the due date will be entered in a draw to win a $750 voucher for educational materials or equipment. There will be two vouchers awarded in each state and territory.

Prompt completion of the National Workforce Census is greatly appreciated!

Complete from the day following the Reference Week

Questions or queries?

Contact the NWC Helpline on:

Tel: 1800 800 996 (free call)

Email: nwc@srcentre.com.au