NSW School Leaver Survey 2019

Client: NSW Department of Education

The 2019 NSW School Leavers Survey is being conducted by the Social Research Centre on behalf of the NSW Department of Education. The survey helps us learn more about young people’s education, training and work choices after school and how we can best support students.

We are looking to speak with students who have left or completed school in 2018.

We would like to ask you some questions about how you’ve been going since leaving school.

If you are unavailable for the duration of the survey period we may ask a parent, guardian, carer or next of kin to answer these questions on your behalf.

The survey is conducted in compliance with New South Wales privacy legislation and Commonwealth privacy laws. All of your answers are private and confidential. No individuals will be identified, and no personal information will be provided to any other government department or third party.

You can access the information about you that is held by the Social Research Centre by contacting us on 1800 023 040. Our privacy policy is available at www.srcentre.com.au/research-participants/privacy which provides instructions for access to and correcting personal information or making queries about privacy and personal information provided.

We value your participation in this important survey – your feedback can help the NSW Government improve services and outcomes for young people.

To the start the survey, or for further information, please go to www.srcentre.com.au/NSWschoolleavers.

For further information, you can also telephone the Social Research Centre (freecall) on 1800 023 040 or email studentdestinations@srcentre.com.au.