NSW Post-School Destinations Survey 2020

Client: NSW Department of Education

The NSW Post-School Destinations Survey 2020 aims to gain a better understanding of the career and study aspirations of young people in NSW who completed Year 12 or left school before completing Year 12.

Please refer to the participant information sheet below for more information about the study.

The survey is voluntary and takes about 10 minutes to complete either online or by phone. A representative from the Social Research Centre (SRC) will contact you between August to November 2020 to invite you to complete the survey. You can skip any questions that you prefer not to answer. By participating you will be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win a $200 JBHI-FI voucher.

Further information, including FAQ’s, can be found here. If you have any questions about the survey or to opt out please call the Social Research Centre (free hotline) on 1800 023 040 or email studentdestinations@srcentre.com.au.

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