Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT)

Client: Department of Education, Skills and Employment

QILT is a suite of point in time, cross-sectional surveys, comprising the Student Experience Survey (SES), Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) (and associated GOS-Longitudinal survey), and Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS), which covers the university student life cycle, from commencement to employment.

We are the independent administrator of the QILT suite, which involves survey design and development, sample selection and processing, survey deployment, development of engagement resources, reporting on survey outcomes, management of data holdings and creating, monitoring and updating the QILT website. The website sets out to provide prospective students with relevant and transparent information about the Australian higher education experience and outcomes from the perspective of recent students and graduates.

All 41 Australian universities and a growing number of Non-University Higher Education Institutions participate in the QILT. Online is the predominant mode of data collection for all surveys, supported by comprehensive digital and social media campaigns and effective response maximisation strategies leading to robust response rates and representative data.

Higher Education Institutions and the Department have access to a customised reporting portal, where they can monitor progress of the collection by variables of interest as well as interactive dashboard reports of survey results to support their own internal and benchmark analysis. The QILT surveys are the biggest education surveys of their kind in Australia with the 2019 SES surveying over 670,000 current students and achieving a response rate of over 42%.

Note: Selected views of QILT data are available at www.compared.edu.au. For information about how to access QILT data, refer to www.qilt.edu.au/data/data-request

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