Smoker & Recent Quitters Survey

Client: Cancer Council Victoria

The research is being conducted to understand behaviours, attitudes and knowledge about smoking. To do this, we need to understand more about the use of tobacco among smokers and recent quitters living in Victoria, their experiences of quitting, their knowledge of health issues related to smoking, and other issues related to tobacco smoking.

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Cancer Council Victoria has contracted the Social Research Centre to conduct this survey. You may have received an invitation via ORU (the Online Research Unit) regarding this study.

The information collected in this study will be used by Cancer Council Victoria to develop programs to reduce the incidence and negative impact of smoking among people in Victoria.

The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete, depending on your answers, and will be available online until 15 July 2022.

The survey is entirely voluntary, but your cooperation is important to get an accurate understanding of the behaviours and attitudes of people who are either smokers, or who have quit sometime in the past year.

Any information you provide will be completely confidential and your answers will not be identified as individual responses. Responses are used for research purposes only and are treated in strict confidence. No other agency or department will have access to your details. All information provided is protected by strict Commonwealth and State privacy laws.

If you have any questions about your participation in the survey please call the Social Research Centre on 1800 023 040 (a free call).