Motor Accident Compensation (MAC) Scheme TIO Customer Service Survey

Client: TIO

TIO has contracted The Social Research Centre to conduct the telephone interviews required for this survey. You may have received a phone call from 03 8383 4910 regarding this study.

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We need your input to understand what’s important to you and how to improve the experience for you and other customers on the MAC Scheme. We realise that every experience is unique and getting feedback from MAC TIO customers is extremely important to them.

Qualified interviewers will conduct these interviews and they should take about 13 minutes of your time. The Social Research Centre will be conducting telephone interviews during July 2020. To make an appointment to complete the interview at a preferred time, please contact 1800 023 040 (free call).

If you would like to participate in this study, you do not need to respond. If you are selected, an interviewer will telephone you. If you do not wish to participate, you can notify the interviewer when contacted.

Please contact the Social Research Centre on 1800 023 040 (free call) if:

  • you do not want to be contacted
  • you wish to access your personal information following the interview
  • you wish to obtain more specific details about the Social Research Centre’s Privacy Policy.

The Social Research Centre complies with Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014; and takes reasonable steps to protect any personal information from unauthorised access, use, disclosure or loss. In compliance with privacy laws, TIO has only provided information about you to the Social Research Centre that is directly relevant to the research. Nothing you tell us will affect your payments, and your personal information will be used by TIO for research purposes only.

The Social Research Centre’s privacy policy provides instructions for access to and correcting personal information, or making queries about privacy and personal information provided and is available at

If you wish to obtain more specific details on TIO’s Privacy Policy, please visit the TIO website at or call 1300 493 506 to obtain a copy.

The Social Research Centre is a fully accredited research company who use only suitably trained and qualified interviewers. Your personal information will only be used for the purposes of this research and not be disclosed to organisations beyond the scope of this project for marketing or research purposes.