Research Participants

Why take part in research?

The findings of research we carry out at the Social Research Centre help government and others to understand how things are working, what people’s needs are and what the priorities should be in areas such as health, housing, well-being, employment and education. It helps to ensure that the organisations who make decisions on things that affect our society do so on the basis of evidence.

Social research helps us to understand what people think, what views they have and what experiences they have had on a whole range of issues that affect how we live, work and study. We know your time is precious, but our work really does make a difference.

Current projects

Have you been contacted by us?

Our staff may have contacted you as part of a research survey. We are a social research company, exempt from the Australian Do Not Call Register, meaning we may call telephone numbers listed on the Do Not Call Register to conduct opinion polling and standard questionnaire-based research. We are not telemarketers, we are not selling a product and we do not provide your name or contact information to any other parties. The phone numbers we dial are either:

  • Randomly generated by computer, using known telephone exchange prefixes
  • Randomly selected from available telephone directories, or
  • Provided to us by our clients.

We will never call with a private or unknown number.

You may have received:

  • A call from:
    • 0257325780 (02 5732 5780) , 0240043019 (02 4004 3019), 0240389009 (02 4038 9009), 0261476409 (02 6147 6409), 0290608459 (02 9060 8459), 0257761260 (02 5776 1260), 0290608413 (02 9060 8413), 0290608460 (02 9060 8460), 0290608450 (02 9060 8450), 0290608472 (02 9060 8472), 0290608448 (02 9060 8448), 0290608488 (02 9060 8488), 0261476430 (02 6147 6430)
    • 0383834900 (03 8383 4900), 0383834907 (03 8383 4907), 0383834918 (03 8383 4918), 0391184560 (03 9118 4560), 0394926202 (03 9492 6202), 0383834920 (03 8383 4920), 0383834914 (03 8383 4914), 0383834921 (03 8383 4921), 0383834955 (03 8383 4955), 0383834916 (03 8383 4916), 0394926406 (03 9492 6406), 0383834949 (03 9492 6406), 0383834949 (03 8383 4949), 0391184501 (03 9118 4501), 0391184580 (03 9118 4580), 0383834960 (03 8383 4960), 0383834932 (03 8383 4932), 0391184572 (03 9118 4572)
    • 0735572209 (07 3557 2209)
    • 0899177009 (08 9917 7009), 0888190509 (08 8819 0509)

  • A text message from:
    • 0428478754, 0481073369, 0488826358, 0436427982, 0429307217, 0429037183, 0419305231, 0481074098, 0481074258, 0437056210, 0481074806, 0481075101, 0481075099, 0426308027, 0481075088, 0426308039 or 0426308086

  • Or an email from an address that ends in

to invite you to participate in a study we are currently conducting on behalf of one of our clients. If you have missed a call from us and would like to participate in our research you can call us on 1800 023 040. You may also have been invited to participate in a focus group or in-depth interview by a member of our Qualitative Research Unit. You will find more information on this on our Focus Group and Interview Participant information page.

The information you provide is confidential. Our company is bound by the Market and Social Research Privacy Principles (, which govern how we collect, use, keep secure and disclose personal information. We also abide by the principles of the Research Society's Code of Professional Behaviour (

If you would like to check if the Social Research Centre is recognised by the Research Society as a bona fide research company, please, visit the Research Society website to check the full list of recognised research organisations.

If you do not wish to be contacted again, you can register to be on our Do Not Call list by email at, or by calling 1800 023 040 and leaving a voicemail message that contains both your full telephone number (including the area code) and a request to be removed from our call list. We will do our best to remove your number in 24 hours during the week and in 48 hours on the weekend.


We believe that the privacy of your information is of the utmost importance. Below you will find our privacy resources and additional links to privacy information.

The RIPP is our privacy policy as required under the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles. This outlines how we handle your personal information and how you can access that information, correct that information and make complaints (if necessary). The RIPP is available here.

The WPP is our privacy policy that applies to any web user who accesses our website. The WPP is available here.

Privacy Regulator

We are bound by the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Cth) (“Privacy Amendment Act”), which made many significant changes to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”). These changes commenced on 12 March 2014. For more information on the Privacy Act and law reform visit the OAIC website, here.

The Privacy Act now includes a set of 13 new harmonised privacy principles that regulate the handling of personal information by private sector organisations. These principles are called the Australian Privacy Principles (APP). For more information on the APP and the OAIC’s APP guidelines, here.

The Social Research Centre is committed to understanding and effectively managing risks related to Information Security to provide greater certainty and confidence for our stakeholders, employees, customers, suppliers and for the communities in which we research. Finding the right balance between information security risk and business benefit enhances our business performance and minimises potential future exposures. To read more, please see here.

Industry Resources

We are a member of ADIA (Formerly AMSRO) and bound by the Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2021 ("Privacy Code"). More information about the Privacy Code is available at the OAIC website, here.

We also abide by the principles of the Research Society Code of Professional Behaviour. Information can be viewed on the Research Society website, here.

Payments / prizes / incentives

As a sign of appreciation for participation in our research, a range of incentives are sometimes offered. The type of incentive offered is chosen by our clients, in consultation with our project team. We use two strategies for providing incentives:

  1. Per person incentive – each person participating in the research receives an incentive; or
  2. Incentive prize draw – each person participating in the research has their name entered into a prize draw.

The specific types of incentives typically used are cash/cash card/cheque, gift card, (normally from a leading retailer), movie voucher or a specific gift.

Where a prize draw is conducted the necessary lottery permits from the relevant States and Territories are acquired prior to the beginning of the research project. Consistent with lottery permit requirements, the winners of a prize draw are published and the Terms and Conditions of such draws are found on our website under the specific project.

Incentives for face-to-face qualitative research (e.g. focus groups or in-depth interviews) are generally provided to respondents at the conclusion of the focus group or interview.

Incentives for survey research and online qualitative research are typically e/mailed to eligible participants. In instances where we do not have current address details, attempts are made to contact eligible participants to confirm such details before e/mailing the incentive.

Fair and equitable treatment of all respondents is important to us and our incentive process strives to achieve this. Channels provided to research participants to make queries about outstanding incentives or other concerns or disputes relating to our incentive statement, include our website email ( or telephone 03 9236 8500.

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