Social Research Centre COVID-19 Update

6 August, 2020

We have been amazed by the responsiveness, creativity, and dedication of our clients and partners to conducting relevant and timely research about the impact of the pandemic as well as ongoing social, health, and economic issues. Working together, we have modified ongoing research and data collections to ensure they will provide COVID-relevant insights. We have fielded new studies about the impact of the pandemic on health, mental health, employment, educational experiences, family relationships, and public services experiences of people living in Australia. To see the results of these studies, please visit our COVID-19 website page.

As Victoria increases restrictions to contain the spread of coronavirus, the Social Research Centre continues to be fully operational and available for research. In March, we fully transitioned our staff, including more than 150 call centre interviewers, to remote work. Our qualitative and evaluation research teams successfully customised and tested methods to ensure the highest quality “face-to-face” virtual data collection. This week, we worked with our partners and suppliers to ensure seamless delivery of services even under stage four restrictions.

We are managing the Social Research Centre to ensure its continued strength for years to come. We have ongoing project work and new studies and we are proactively managing and innovating for the long term.

We are fortunate to be working together with clients, partners, and research participants to help Australia navigate the pandemic. Please reach out to us if we can provide support at