Social Research Centre COVID-19 Update

May 12, 2020 It is a critical time to gather evidence to assist policy makers, health and human service providers, researchers, and program administrators in navigating during COVID-19 and beyond. Timely data on health, employment, education, resilience, well-being, financial status, stress, and family violence, for example, are essential for supporting informed decisions now and in the future.

We at the Social Research Centre remain deeply committed to conducting the highest quality research, including timely new studies about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have adjusted our data collection systems and processes to ensure we continue to deliver high quality and timely data collection, research, and evaluation All of our permanent staff and more than 150 interviewers are working remotely. Our mail and online studies progress and our call centre remains open during the day with a small number of interviewers spread well apart from one another. We have successfully shifted qualitative research to video, online and telephone modes and can meet nearly every research need through these arrangements.

We are happy to be working together to help Australia navigate the pandemic. Please reach out to us if we can provide support at