SRC Welcomes new CEO

Monday 15 April 2019

The Social Research Centre (SRC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of ANU, having been acquired by ANU Enterprise in 2014. With an annual turnover of $25M the company is a pivotal provider of contract-based social research and evaluation services to the Australian government, academic and not for profit sectors. The company’s charter is to provide world-class research services which contribute to informed decision-making and lead to a better understanding of Australian society and our place in the world.

SRC’s chairman and ANU Pro Vice-Chancellor of Innovation Professor Michael Cardew-Hall today announced the appointment of SRC’s new CEO, Ms. Diane Herz. Ms. Herz will be taking over the reins from SRC founder, Darren Pennay.

Ms. Herz’s appointment is the culmination of an extensive global search which has taken over 12 months to complete. High quality candidates from Australia, the UK, the USA and Europe were short-listed, with Ms. Herz emerging as the standout from a very strong field. The appointment of Ms Herz is part of a long-planned succession strategy.

Ms Herz is a seasoned practitioner and leader in survey and policy research with more than 3 decades of experience in government and consulting roles in the USA. In her most recent role at Mathematica Policy Research she had the dual responsibilities of Vice President of Mathematica's Human Services Division and as the company's Chief Diversity Officer. In her role as Vice President of the Human Services Division, Ms. Herz had oversight of policy areas such as family support, education, early childhood, the labour market, nutrition and criminal justice, amongst others. Prior to Mathematica, Ms. Herz worked as an economist with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). During her 21-year tenure at BLS, she served first as an economic analyst and later as director of the American Time Use Survey and the Current Population Survey. In these roles Ms Herz led teams of economists, statisticians, and information technology professionals and collaborated with the US Census Bureau to field questions, analyse, and publish data on a wide range of subjects from time use to employment, earnings, civic engagement, contingent work, and other subjects.

Professor Cardew-Hall said that the "Board is very excited about the perspective and leadership Ms. Herz will bring to SRC. She is the ideal person to continue the company’s mission and to further develop the company’s unique position in the Australia social research landscape."

Ms. Herz replaces company founder, Darren Pennay, after 19 years in the role. During Mr Pennay’s tenure the company grew from a one-person start-up entity operating from a spare bedroom to become a trusted major supplier of social research and evaluation services to the Australian government, academic and not-for-profit sectors.

Mr Pennay is remaining on the Board and will be working alongside Ms.Herz to ensure a smooth transition. He will also be taking on an executive leadership role focusing on research strategy, survey methodology and business development.

Professor Cardew-Hall thanked Mr Pennay for the role he played in the success of the company over the last 19 years and noted that he looked forward to his continuing contribution.

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